Cox’s Bazar-Travel Guide, Best Hotels, Sea Beaches.

Cox’s Bazar ocean beach, the Asian country is one in all the most-visited traveler destinations in the geographic area. Travelers, in general, apprehend very little that it’s the longest “natural Sand” beach within the world. Golden sand stretched for miles and miles, cliffs hanging, the speeding sound of the waves, flamboyant pagodas, Buddhist temples and tribes, occasional univalve shells, pleasant food, this is often the traveler capital of Asian country. These shark-free waters are heavenly sun-bathing bathing and swimming. native individuals have given the beach nicknames like “Palongkee” and “Panowa” that means “little or yellow flower.” Bengali culture is seen as terrestrial because the Asian country Constitution permits all spiritual to be practiced harmoniously with none hurdle even Judaism.

Best time for visiting this Cox’s Bazar

Interestingly, there’s not one day after you won’t notice individuals on Cox’s Bazar ocean beach-loving the natural fantastic thing about sunrise or sunset. the typical temperature is thirty four.8-degree centigrade. season once it’s most visited remains between Gregorian calendar month and

March. it’s the simplest time to fly as a result of airlines are full and no delay on the wing schedule. however, you wish to order the building rooms earlier as a result of the soaring worth. however, if you propose to travel throughout the monsoon and summer that is from might until Gregorian calendar month you will avoid the definitely thronged beach. whereas there I needed to avoid the gang however wanted to ascertain the sunrise, thus we have a tendency to got up early and walked to the beach. individuals are still in their heat and comfortable beds, however, we have a tendency to had a beautiful walk on the beach and walked back to our building. however on our means back had extremely popular, freshly created breakfast in one in all the close restaurants beside the beach.

Get in

About one hundred fifty metric linear units south of Chittagong, Cox’s Bazar is connected each by air and road from Dacca and Chittagong.

By plane

Non-Stop flights are offered from Chittagong and Dacca on GMG Airlines or United Airways. Flights tend to be daily throughout the season (Oct-Apr) however typically move to 3-4 flights per week during the Summer and Monsoon (May-Sept).

By bus

The main bus station maybe a few metric linear unit east of the central city space, a couple of fifteen-minute / Tk ten cart ride. native buses head to Chittagong (Tk one hundred twenty, four hours) and Teknaf (Tk seventy, 3 hours).

The personal bus firms have offices close to building ocean Queen on the most road, and additionally down within the building motor inn Zone.

What to do in this place?

Cox’s Bazar Sunset

Surrounded by the Bay of Bengal and exquisite incline, this sandy beach is the main attraction of Cox’s Bazar ocean beach. within the forests and on the hillsides, are kinds of tall trees, an enormous variety of migratory birds. extraordinarily made and various, nearly 8000 in variety, frame cox’s bazar flora and fauna. As you explore the waters, ocean life creatures together with jellyfish, starfish, various fish species in abundance may be found and conjointly 2 differing types of rare ocean turtles.

Sunset or sunrise:

At the beach, you’ll be able to relax within the heat golden sunshine whereas sipping refreshing milk. There are activities like swimming, trouble diving, surfing, boogie-woogie boarding and even jet athletics offered to create your travel an awfully pleasant one. If your youngsters are a small amount older, do rent a jet ski and ride beside them. the driving force is going to be with you the full time. There are skilled cameramen hovering around the beach if you would like your image soft on a sunset or sunrise sets. No got to worry, they’ll later deliver the shots taken to your address.

Sheikh Mujib Safari Park:

You can conjointly explore places like Bangabandhu tribal sheik Mujib parkland, the Buddhist cloister Aggmeda Khyang, and Ramu. Ramu could be a Buddhist village ten kilometers from the cox’s bazar People’s Republic of Bangladesh, illustrious for variety of monasteries, hangs, and pagodas with gold, bronze alternative precious gem embellished pictures of the buddha. there’s a hundred feet sculpture of Gautama Siddhartha at the Vimukti Bibeshan Bhabna Kendra temple that is that the largest Buddha statue within the country. The sculpture is in reclining position showing Buddha resting when achieving illumination. in contrast to several places, anybody is liberal to visit and take footage within the temple while not shopping for any price tag. The place and its encompassing are terribly peaceful if you like to wander around.


There is a fine looking village price visiting eighty kilometers south of Cox’s Bazar on the Naf watercourse bank facing Myanmar. In Teknaf, you’ll not solely fancy a ride on a ship or the skiff however additionally get the chance to understand the Arakan and Magha individuals and their culture. If you intend to go to the place, there are some enticing resorts to remain. These resorts have already been established within the space primarily to cater to the Bangladeshi still as foreign guests.

Marine life center:

There is a marine life center, wherever you’ll see fish diversity additionally because of the skeleton of various preserved ocean creatures. The repository is placed at Marine Fisheries and Technology Center of Asian nation Fisheries analysis Institute, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. children will fancy this activity if they get bored with the ocean and beach.

Cox’s Bazar Sea Beaches and Island

Cox’s Bazar may be a District below urban center Division, that is legendary for its longest unbroken sandy ocean beach. it’s settled a hundred and fifty klicks south of the commercial port- urban center. Cox’s Bazar is taken into account as having the longest ocean beach within the world, with a complete of 121 klicks long. The name Cox’s Bazar was derived from its founder, Captain Cox. He supported the terribly enticing beach in 1798. Then the Cox’s Bazar beach started solely as little port and health resort.

Though the beach is taken into account to be the longest beach within the world, it’s been the smallest amount thronged among the opposite beaches. Here, guests will fancy the restful breeze of the Bay of geographic area ocean and therefore the peacefulness of the place. Cox’s bazar beach definitely has the best leisure it can give to every one of its guests. individuals will take a timely stroll on the long stretch of the beach and luxuriate in the read of the superb seascape. guests can even fancy sports activities like skin diving, surfing, and take a look at some boat rides.

Laboni beach:

Laboni beach is the longest and main beach of Cox’s Bazar. it’s the nighest ocean beach to the city. At here a someone will simply relish the scenic great thing about Bay of geographic region ocean. Its an area for enjoyment, many folks return here round the year as well as the foreigners. you’ll relish lie, surfing, jogging, sport and swimming during this beach. it’s best to place for swimming and relaxation. Not solely in the day time, you’ll relish the great thing about the ocean in the dead of night from this beach because it is completely safe to place for the traveler. The beach is well appreciated throughout sunsets and sunrise, wherever folks will witness the ocean because it changes its colors double during a day. it’s best for swimming and relaxation. on the brink of the beach, there are a lot of tiny retailers commerce souvenirs, domestically created cigars & beauty merchandise (sandal wood based), handsewn garments, bedsheets, dresses, shoes, and beach accessories to the tourists. it’s a pleasant place for our business enterprise. So, return & let’s relish the wonder of Laboni Beach.


It is the world’s greatest beaches. Nearly four hundred kilometers by road from Dacca and Chittagong, regarding fifty kilometers from the beach at lovely. The waves of the ocean water within the tub, read off the sunset manohara payatakera main attraction. Cox’s Bazar beach journeys are the place to begin Laboni. the wonder of the morning, once he came out with the previous fishing scene continues to be a bonus. Not solely saikatai ocean, the city of Cox’s Bazar Buddhist temples, Burmese Market, Cox peak rest homes, etc. one among the attractions to go to. There is such a large amount of fashionable hotels court to remain in Cox’s Bazar. four Star edifice court is that the less costly selection. because the edifice is value zero.000, thus there’s a touch backward simply five hundred value of edifice accommodation.


Located simply one kilometer faraway from the town of Cox’s Bazar Himchharhi. From there you’ll attend three in Cox’s Bazar. Open jeeps, rickshaws or powered rikasate can go there. Open auto at Rs 50-70 per person is employed. This reserve is taken to takarikasa 1200 -1500 150250 would pay the rent. once the powered ricksha fare to the autumn 400600taka. Here you’ll relish the beaches on the thanks to the mountains bit the sky. Himchharhi the chilling cold mountain spring.

Inani beach:

8 klick to the east bank of Cox Himchharhi Inani beach is another attraction, known as mini Saint Martin. Here could be an immense rocky beach. There are washed right down to the ocean, the coral bhelabhumite submitted. If you are taking an automobile to succeed in the reserve cash from Cox 18002500. Lean is going to be employed for the day on the powered jinrikisha 8001000taka.

Maheshkhali Island

The only mountainous island maheshkhali. Adinath Temple is to examine the most attraction. there’s conjointly a Buddhist temple is extremely pleasant. Adinath zigzag down the steps is completed within the peak time of Adinath. The southwest of the island within the large ocean, and enormous hills. there’s no accommodation here. Cox’s Bazar within the morning from the afternoon to travel back to the island another time appear as if. Maheshkhali from Cox’s Bazar stairway boat speed boat will go, take the time to simply quarter-hour, the fare is going to be Rs a hundred and fifty, or boat engines, would be one hour, thirty such cases would fare cash.

Sonadia Island:

Another attention-grabbing name Cox’s Bazar Sonadia island. ample winter migratory birds found here. close to 463 sq. kilometers in size of the engine on the boat back to the island Cox might come before evening.


Another look Kutubdia Island in Cox’s Bazar district, that has a region of concerning sixteen sq. kilometers. The island’s most celebrated landmarks, the traditional tower, Balarama Aulia place of worship and also the spot of Qutb. Cox’s Bazar, Kutubdia spidabote simply forty-five minutes you’ll be able to go from musk gorge, which may save the value of rental 150200taka or boat engines. It takes 2 hours, and cash to rent 50-70.
The southland Teknaf, Cox’s Bazar, the gap is concerning eighty-five kilometer from .. Teknaf of the mountains, rivers and also the ocean are one in all the venue Ananya. Naf stream that flows past the mountains around her. sensible to require anyone on. in step with the beaches, the foremost clean beaches. The philosophy is in situ, historical machine well, crowned head Pari Island, kuda cave, Teknaf Nature Park. By bus from Cox’s Bazar to Teknaf 80120taka rent or to rent a microbus takes cash, 100-150.

Saint Martin Deborah:

St. Martin’s Island within the south of the country over a coral island set in the northeastern a part of the Bay of Bengal. Teknaf in Cox’s Bazar district, concerning nine klick from the coast of Union of Burma on the south and is found eight km west of the mouth of the Naf watercourse. offered in immeasurable coconut. it’s well-known domestically as coconut Jinjira. the realm of the island, about 8 km. concerning sixty-six species of coral, 187 species of the island shellfish, 153 species of a marine alga, 157 species of plants, forty species of marine fish guptajibi, four species of amphibians and a hundred and twenty species of birds may be found. Fairy fish are fish, butterflyfish, corals Bowl, where red, needlefish, redfish, fish, etc. murukku. a number of the tourer idea, the world’s best island of St. Martin. 250 hours to pass by ship from Teknaf to St Martin’s. 9001500taka can rent a ship to come back. St Martin’s edifice can rent five hundred – 000 rupees. If you’ll be able to not get the important fun if you are doing not keep long here.Payatakara aiming to eat plenty of fish and coconuts.

5 Popular Eateries in Cox’s Bazar

1. EFC- A Live Fish Restaurant:

Situated on motor hotel Road, Cox’s Bazar, this edifice is one amongst a form. It permits customers to come back in and revel in viewing live fishes, swimming back and forth within the aquariums. The food is usually contemporary since the fishes unbroken for the show are ultimately used as ingredients. This ensures a tasteful meal. the price per gourmet is 500-1000BDT.

2. Mermaid Cafe:

The sitting space of imaginary being restaurant provides off a country atmosphere, good for photos with friends too. The menu offers many food, meat, pasta, and pizza. you’ll be able to conjointly get pleasure from the complete read of the ocean and therefore the beach. the price per epicurean here ranges from 500-1500BDT.

3. Sea Lamp Beach Cafe:

Situated within the Kalatoli Beach Zone, the open sitting space guarantees a breezy, soothing time spent. Their menu consists of food, smoothies, ANd an array of drinks. the price per bon vivant ranges from 500-1000BDT.

4. Devine Sea Stone Cafe:

Located simply beside Ocean Paradise, this eating place could be a must-try for its food and meat-based platters. Devine ocean Stone restaurant additionally serves quite a few Bangladeshi platters. Its eco-friendly atmosphere is way appreciated by the group. the value per epicurean ranges from 500-1000BDT.

5. Foushee Restaurant:

Known for its large variety of Bangladeshi dishes, it’s fashionable amongst the Bengali crowd. Their costs are reasonable too. price per bon vivant – 250-500BDT.

Best Hotels in Cox’s Bazar

Many international hotels are established around this beach space. they provide the best services to form your keep gratifying. several of those trendy building in Cox’s Bazar have their own improved path to the beach. There are upper side open barbecue facilities offered by a variety of hotels. There are services like Wi-Fi, swimming pools, restaurant and restaurants in most of those the hotels. Below could be a list of some best Cox Bazar hotels with charge per unit in USD.

Hotel Coral Reef

Of Cox’s Bazar’s several mega-hotels, this is often one amongst a lot of charming (and smaller). the stainless rooms cause you to feel too dirty to be in them. The employees are useful and therefore the edifice receives smart reviews. In cooler months, the non-air-con rooms are a nice price.

Sea Princess Hotel

This monster-sized complicated is split into 2 hotels. The Western Plaza is that the cheaper of the 2 blocks and has slightly tired however otherwise clean and spacious rooms. The Crown Plaza is that the premium selection and although the quality rooms are destitute of temperament, they are doing have baths in addition as showers. They’re conjointly showing mercy freed from the fake chandeliers that adorn the reception.

Hotel Silver Shine

Closer to Laldighi than the beach, however higher worth due to it, Silver Shine has terribly clean, spacious rooms, a decent eating house and an upper side pool (guests/nonguests Tk 100/150). It wins no prizes for excitement, however, you’ll most likely get a good sleep here.

Exotica Sampan

Exotica skiff provides earth accommodation in Cox’s Bazar. boast a 24-hour front table, this property additionally provides guests with an eating house. every area includes a balcony with an ocean read. The rooms at the edifice are fitted with seating. With a personal rest room fitted with a shower and free toiletries, rooms at Exotica skiff additionally boast free WiFi. At the accommodation, rooms embody air-con and a flat-screen TV. Breakfast is offered every morning at Exotica skiff.

Hotel Sea Crown

Situated on the solid ground and giving a 24-hour front table, edifice ocean Crown is found simply one.5 klick from the known Sugandha Beach. Free WLAN access is offered. every cool room here can give you a seat and work table. that includes a shower, the non-public toilet comes with free toiletries. At edifice ocean Crown you may notice a garden. different facilities offered at the property embody a shared lounge, a tour table, and bags storage. The property offers free parking. The property is found simply three klicks from the scenic Laboni Beach and four.1 klick from Buddhist Temple and therefore the standard Cox’s Bazar. The Cox’s Bazar landing field and Cox’s Bazar bus terminal are situated at intervals four.8 km. The guests will relish their meals at the in-house eating house and refreshing alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages at the bar. area service is offered for 24-hour.

Long Beach Hotel

Offering an enclosed pool, a fitness center and a spa and health center, urban center building is found three kilometers from the Cox’s Bazar airfield and native terminal. Free wired net is out there within the rooms of the property. every cool area here can offer you with satellite television, elbow room, and a balcony. there’s conjointly a cellaret. that includes a shower, non-public rest room conjointly comes with bathrobes and free toiletries. At the urban center building, you’ll notice a 24-hour front table, BBQ facilities, and garden. different facilities offered at the property embrace meeting facilities, a shared lounge, and a price tag service. The property offers free parking. The Barmiz Market Cox’s Bazar is three-kilometer, the Himchari park is eight-kilometer and therefore the Binani Beach is twenty-four km away. the comfortable building serves International delights whereas the Bar Sunset Pool aspect BBQ serves refreshing beverages. 24-hour area service is out there for personal feeding.

Summary on Cox’s Bazar

Cox’s Bazaar Ocean Beach is the largest sea beach within the world. it’s placed at the shore of the Bay of Bengal to the foremost southern a part of our country. This ocean beach is one hundred twenty kilometers long. each year several tourists return here from home and abroad to get pleasure from its natural beauty. The scene of sunrise and sunset will be enjoyed from this beach. individuals collect sea-shells, pearls, etc. from this ocean beach. this can be terribly fascinating and a good attraction for all the wonder lovers.

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